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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"God Bless Our Neighbors" - Pastor Cindy's Devotional - August 23, 2017

Good morning friends!

Last Sunday morning just after our casual service ended, a young man approached me.  He said he was a  neighbor from across the street.  There had been a wedding in his family and they had covered the tables at the reception with paper.  They had a big roll of paper left over.  “Could the church use it?”   “Yes.  Thanks for thinking of us.  And next Sunday night we are having a Block Party.  You’re invited!”  He smiled and left and a few minutes later the paper appeared in the lobby downstairs. 

On Monday I walked over to Hillside School to drop off flyers about the Block Party.  I told the woman working in the office that if the school ever needed anything, to let us know.  The church would be glad to help.  We’re neighbors. 

The Imani Church, just on the other side of our parking lot, has offered their parking lot as a place for us to park on Sunday evening so our parking lot will be available for the party.  They’re coming to the party too, and they are pretty excited. 

Hillside school children and their families, Imani church people, a young man I had never seen before.  Our neighbors.  People I never intended to meet or share my life with and yet, there they are. 

Here’s the question I find myself asking this morning:  Does God put us in a particular place at a particular time surrounded by particular people so that we can care and support one another?  Are the people who live and work around us not just a coincidence, but the specific people God wants us to know and share our lives with?  Are they people who need my presence?  Are they people whose presence I need? 

I am writing this at home.  Out my window, I can see my neighbors’ homes.  In one home two young men have gone off to college.  In another home, a young man is facing challenges.  Two houses are for sale and we will be getting new neighbors.  The school bus will soon be by to pick up children on their first day. 

I admit, and this is really a confession, I never thought about this before.  I am pretty guarded about who I interact with.  Thinking of all these neighbors, I wonder if I don’t treat love as though it is in limited supply, and mine to own.  In truth, love is something I have received in quantities greater than I could ever deserve.  And as love has flowed into my life.   From my life, it should flow into the lives of others. 

God bless my neighbors.  And use me in the blessing. 


Pastor Cindy

Pastor Cindy Hickman
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
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West Des Moines Iowa 50265
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This week at West Des Moines United Methodist Church:
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